The gadget of 2019

SeatZac is the compact and comfortable air-filled chillbag that you can take everywhere. From now on you can drop your ‘lazy chair’ wherever you want: in the park, at the swimming pool, during a festival and at home in your garden. SeatZac is made from a strong and ultra-light ripstop polyester. When folded, it’s not bigger than the Saturday newspaper, and it only weighs 750 grams.

There are six colors and you can fold it back into its own carrying case. It’s made so that you don’t have to pump it. As you unfold the SeatZac and move through the air, the two bags fill with air. If you have both of them full, roll the end of the SeatZac at least 4x and click the closure shut to experience optimum seating comfort.

High quality

Stands in 1 minute

Weighs 750g

Printed with logo

No pump required

Short delivery time

Setup instruction

1. First shake the SeatZac well.

2. A SeatZac consists of two separate air pockets. First fill one bag by gasping with the opening for air.

3. Always close the opening as quickly as possible so that the air does not escape.

4. If the first bag is properly filled with air, fill the second bag in the same way.

5. Roll the end of the SeatZac at least 4 times and shut the closure to experience the optimum seating comfort.